Chalet is a solo project by composer/producer/pianist Joey Kantor

The debut record, Tucson, is available for purchase HERE.

To stream the record, click HERE.


An advance listen of Tucson gave me chills. It’s bright and extremely mature for a first solo outing . . . the songs on Tucson could all stand alone as strong singles. Kantor’s voice soars.
— 89.3 The Current
Tucson is the sort of intelligent pop that we need more of . . . It’s a shadowy, warm record that feels like a place we’ve all been before, and having that feeling is peaceful. In this way, Tucson achieves something real and beautiful.
— City Pages Minneapolis
[The single ‘Evenings Out’] is awesomely guitar-driven, nicely huge and features a damn fine little melody and a super cool instrumental hook. Unless the world is totally cockeyed (and it is, frequently), this stuff should be pretty damn big.
— Le Toile Minneapolis